My Vain search

Published July 31, 2012 by Words

Then I will show my power of love,

When I find my rib, resembling this that fits these joints

Like the star she blazons in nights so gloom,

Full of virtue, bounty worth in qualities

I shall hold her in bond,

Who brings the joy of life my way,

We shall finagle in friendship, illumined and cherished

Like true devoted pilgrims,

I shall spend my nights in verbiages and actions of adore

My enthralled eyes shall break sleep to satisfy her lust until dawn,

Come to me,

My twinkling star,

My terrestrial sun,

My duchess

Upon the alter of her beauty, I shall sacrifice my sea of melting pearls

I shall proclaim her to the jealousy of bystanders

And writer her emerald till my ink runs dry.

Her beauty imposed on street walls to shame shadows seeker

My love,

My rib,

This lost part of me,

Her faith is strengthen in our union

Her tears run with spongy eyes

Detesting a lone journey, she is somewhere looking out for me

To break this rocky eyes of arrogance with loving tears

Come to me my love,

Cease from wondering, chide me not away,

I shall take no repulse till my lap buries your back on my virgin bed

But I know, she will not come,

For none is fair, True, and worthy with true qualities



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