A Weired woman

Published August 27, 2012 by Words

she pips in fear for lateness like her peers,

hauteur cloaked with reticence,

her-boo-boo-vague, though walled around and palpable

official Narcissist disguised in rude affronts

Bravado of naughtiness in candor yet tacit


“Free me free me”, rants in melancholy

as  ignorance upsets sorts of sort

Insensibility of differentiate as angels often tastes the gall

By routines of cataract long glare

Sends nostalgia down their spines


Though forgetting the milk and candies of supposed rivals

Doubling as friends in conning angst beggarly in their nature

Nagging and ganging a gang of gossipers

Finding Mutual grounds for their victims

Causing higgledy where there exist no war


For a suspected compromise of morals

Or a hunting taint of a past paints on Z walls

Where decorum is not a schoolmaster

As official time wastes in visits to motels at un-break break time

With holy bible at desk view to mask hypocrisy


First venerable “Etis” Migrants tasted buds of vinegary as noised by witnessing chauffeur

And guilt cautioned not her thigh with avalanche of showy attire of a seductress

advertorials of “buried innocence”jagged in curved carbuncle front and back

Banging shoes in unending visits secreted in kitchen


double faced, loud calls to clients for managerial gratitude

as empty office fill vacuums of fast quickie (sharp-shap) appointments arranged or rearranged

Ill mannered, bad tempered not marriageable, never listen, never patient making enemies

Commandeering, verbose, self-conceited, presumptuous, stout and arrogant


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