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To my Seductress duchess

Published January 11, 2013 by Words

These, cacophony that beggar’s description


Disorder from indecent breed incubating,


Confusion of tongues, in lyrical hoax,


Filthily dressed to undress my mind,


Our teacher teaching theories of writs and wits


These promiscuous pastors parading piety with nudity


Lewd licentious and libidinous specie luring laurels with drama,  


These traditional priests tutoring the innocent as skilled orthodox guru


Folly forming and fuming fire on podium of cerebrals


These gangs of immoral breeds hovering over men with enthusiasm


Sick physician administering drugs on the ignorant,




Coup against Coleridge,


Wired Wordsworth,


Barron as Blakes


Shapeless Shakespeare,


With excessive deluxe paint like a red zone hawker,  


These fashions clogging the pump of poetic flow


With the garbs of a seductress


Allays my feet to the “gutter-most” pit of whores


These, who feigned folly as fashion forcing Mr. Flesh, to a quickie,


Teach me the lyric and lines and morals too


Inspire my curious heart in poetry and NOT the contours of shapeless show


Evoke in me a desire and arouse my intellect and NOT to lust


Induce me with scintillating lyrics and NOT to the nightmare and dreams of succubus  


Tempt my heart to scholastic loyalty and NOT to the apple of Eden


Conjure the parley of mutated minds with words


Come again to the conference in art and rags of skilled minds


I adjure you, be NaturalImage


A Weired woman

Published August 27, 2012 by Words

she pips in fear for lateness like her peers,

hauteur cloaked with reticence,

her-boo-boo-vague, though walled around and palpable

official Narcissist disguised in rude affronts

Bravado of naughtiness in candor yet tacit


“Free me free me”, rants in melancholy

as  ignorance upsets sorts of sort

Insensibility of differentiate as angels often tastes the gall

By routines of cataract long glare

Sends nostalgia down their spines


Though forgetting the milk and candies of supposed rivals

Doubling as friends in conning angst beggarly in their nature

Nagging and ganging a gang of gossipers

Finding Mutual grounds for their victims

Causing higgledy where there exist no war


For a suspected compromise of morals

Or a hunting taint of a past paints on Z walls

Where decorum is not a schoolmaster

As official time wastes in visits to motels at un-break break time

With holy bible at desk view to mask hypocrisy


First venerable “Etis” Migrants tasted buds of vinegary as noised by witnessing chauffeur

And guilt cautioned not her thigh with avalanche of showy attire of a seductress

advertorials of “buried innocence”jagged in curved carbuncle front and back

Banging shoes in unending visits secreted in kitchen


double faced, loud calls to clients for managerial gratitude

as empty office fill vacuums of fast quickie (sharp-shap) appointments arranged or rearranged

Ill mannered, bad tempered not marriageable, never listen, never patient making enemies

Commandeering, verbose, self-conceited, presumptuous, stout and arrogant

Still on our minds

Published July 31, 2012 by Words

Over now, but still on the minds,

Leaving an imperishable vacuum

A deadly departure,

News like the hint of cosmic cruelty

I heard the curved timbers

Warped in the summer sun,

The rumors of their untimely death

Formed a rocky saliva in soured mouth

Remembering the clay, that covers their bodies

I fret.

Johnson is gone and Nelson followed

Entourage by unknown spirits

In the giddy days of self weaning,

The bars unblocked and they obeyed

With obsequious frenzy

Leaving us with memories of days gone bye

Our longings, as though watching a

Clear sweet juice freckled from sugar cane  and crushed

And a speechless astonishment of death unwanted

Stabbed through our hearts,

Like immersion into boiling water

These Lives spitted and gutted

And now, we hear echoes of nostalgia

Resounding the good days

Our memories left with voiceless wish

Of their peaceful rest

Over now, but still on our minds

My Vain search

Published July 31, 2012 by Words

Then I will show my power of love,

When I find my rib, resembling this that fits these joints

Like the star she blazons in nights so gloom,

Full of virtue, bounty worth in qualities

I shall hold her in bond,

Who brings the joy of life my way,

We shall finagle in friendship, illumined and cherished

Like true devoted pilgrims,

I shall spend my nights in verbiages and actions of adore

My enthralled eyes shall break sleep to satisfy her lust until dawn,

Come to me,

My twinkling star,

My terrestrial sun,

My duchess

Upon the alter of her beauty, I shall sacrifice my sea of melting pearls

I shall proclaim her to the jealousy of bystanders

And writer her emerald till my ink runs dry.

Her beauty imposed on street walls to shame shadows seeker

My love,

My rib,

This lost part of me,

Her faith is strengthen in our union

Her tears run with spongy eyes

Detesting a lone journey, she is somewhere looking out for me

To break this rocky eyes of arrogance with loving tears

Come to me my love,

Cease from wondering, chide me not away,

I shall take no repulse till my lap buries your back on my virgin bed

But I know, she will not come,

For none is fair, True, and worthy with true qualities



Published July 31, 2012 by Words

Halt, halt,

Give them your hands, but NOT your heart,

For when they hover around you

You are an imminent carcass,

Loitering and flapping with the disposition of a butterfly and grasshopper combined

The sight of her should trigger alarum bell in every wise man,

They waste your time,

They waste your money,

Sup your energy and

get you into trouble.

Like a bubonic plague

Spreading devastating virus,

As a butterfly, pollinating

With the juice supped

They flutter away

Seeking other juicy flowers in the circle of moral doom

Men should never be hyped on chauvinistic egotism when they conquer women

For another trial may certify your demise

No wonder, they are called Women

For many are the woes of their men


Published July 22, 2012 by Words




Object of cruel mockery.

Before I was conceived, I heard of you,

Dumps for homeless migrants,

Debased and inferior.

Was beauty ever part of you?

This throng,

That daily treads your well worn streets,


Your brackish waters,

Home to unseen enemies,

Children splash uncaring,

Your market is a meeting place,

Young and old,

Rich and poor

Your wares to behold

Ajegunle,  the harsh teacher

Survival skills your forte,

Sharpening and shaping lives by your creeds


The enemy of state love,

A point to prove,

Creativity crams herself into your nooks and crannies,

The envy of rich Ikoyi


You must visit with vigilance,

Day or night

Hunters abound,

Roving eyes,

Seeking purse to prey upon

Their kills dissected in the crevices of Ajegunle

Where the oppressed oppress another

Atavism is a regular guest at Ajegunle

Where order is almost a crime,

Disorder the norm,


Kingdom of numerous kings

A reflection of ourselves

Poverty amidst riches,

Want amidst plenty,






Ajegunle is a Popular slum in Lagos

A poem by Macaulay Akinbami,

Editted By Emeka Akpe




When you return

Published July 22, 2012 by Words

Sojourner to far-flung climes;

When you return,

Will you remember the evening songs

Chorused by chirping under the baobab tree?

Will you still remember the fame of the great hunter

Whose courage put the forest sprite to flight?

Earning him the most beautiful virgin in the land

When you return,

Will you remember the fable of the wraith

That forced our forefathers away from the farm at dusk?

Will you still dip your hands in “Aro” to make “Adire” for our dear mother?

Will you?

The market still a beehive of activities

Every market day is as rustic as you left it,

Our women the same, untainted by the new ways

Our men have not also faired any better,

Still suspicious of the innovations of the town people

Our children are not ashamed of showing off their beauty for the world to see,

The harrowing cries of our virgins still pierce the night,

As they fall under the mutilators knives

Will you still remember how to savor “Iyan

Pounded with the sweats of the maidens and

Molded with “Egusi” from earthenware?

When you return,

Will you not now be repulsed with “Ila”  

That soup which you handled with such mastery with “Amala

The leaves from the forest still keep us strong and virile:

The white-mans medicines have not offered any hope to our ailments

When you return,

Teach us not new things about our Land

O sojourner,

When you return from the white man’s Land

The Land of your slavery


Poem Written by Macaulay Oluseyi


–          Aro:-  A local dye

–         Adere:- A fabric made with “Aro” it is popular among Yoruba people of western Nigeria,

–         Iyan :- A paste for food made from Yam

–         Egusi :-A soup made from the melon seed

–         Ila :-A gelatinous soup made from Okra

–         Amala :-A paste for food made from Yam flower